2018 Bootcamp & Tradeshow

 Join us in CHATTANOOGA for this year’s Bootcamp and Tradeshow!


Mark Your Calendar: Dec. 6-7, 2018
**Two-Day Pricing: $140 for TNSAE Members

TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE! AND, Look Who is Back This Year for Bootcamp AND Tradeshow !

Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, joined us in 2017 and provided incredible, interactive educational sessions giving attendees ideas and action items to take back to their associations. Lowell will be joining us again this year for two sessions during the Bootcamp and one session during the Tradeshow. See below for full schedule and details! 

Thursday Dec. 6

10:30 – 11 a.m.           Registration

11 a.m.                         Welcome

11 a.m. – 12 p.m. 7 Steps to Building Organizational Resilience, Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, Vista Cova, LLC

As organizations face ever-increasing disruption, engaging in an ongoing process of organizational structure and strategy strengthening helps association thrive through adaptation and change.  This session will review seven key areas where associations can turn their attention today, reinforcing where they excel in preparation for tomorrow. 

12  – 12:30 p.m.          Lunch at The Read House

12:30 – 1:45 p.m. Foresight for the Future of Your Association, Keith Skillman, CAE, Vice President, Publications and Knowledge Integration, ASAE Foundation

Microlearning? An aging world? Anticipatory intelligence? What drivers of change will influence your association’s future? What are your questions? The ASAE Foundation’s ForesightWorks initiative supports practical application of foresight and ongoing research to identify those drivers likely to affect associations. We’ll tour the foundation’s research, discuss the implications of selected drivers of change, and offer insight into practicing foresight as a critical piece of shaping your association’s future. You will

  • Gain insight into the discipline of foresight and why it is essential to association planning
  • Get a high-level overview of 46 drivers of change identified by the ASAE Foundation
  • Explore selected drivers of change in greater detail and discuss their implications with your peers

1:55 – 2:55 p.m. Empowering the Young Professional Voice (with facilitated peer panel), Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, Vista Cova, LLC 

 Associations want to be relevant to early career professionals – we want them to join, to participate, to contribute, and to lead.  We want to be their professional home.  Successful associations are discovering that the messages that they extend inviting participation are less important than the peers that are asking.  This session will focus on what it means to create space for the early career professional voice, to build those voices as association advocates, and honor those voices when shaping when crafting the association’s strategic direction.  After all, if early career professionals will inherit the organizations of tomorrow, they should be an equal player in the strategy conversations today.

3:05 – 3:35 p.m. (30) 30-Minute Group Brainstorming: Trade Associations & Professional Associations

3:45 – 4:45 p.m. (60)  Don’t Be Calm Before the Storm: AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and What it Means for Your Association, Matt Helms, CAE, Executive Director, Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group

AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum Computing. What are these terms, and what does it mean for our associations and the members we serve? In this session, you will learn more about these concepts. Join us for this facilitated conversation as we discuss how this affects the professions and trades we all represent as well as our associations. We all need to be thinking right now about these concepts. Even small organizations…especially small organizations.

6 – 8 p.m.  Reception Hosted by the Chattanooga CVB & the Chattanooga Aquarium

Friday, Dec. 7

6:45 – 7:45 a.m.         Breakfast for Past TNSAE Leadership and CAEs, sponsored by The Chattanoogan at The Chattanoogan

7 – 8 a.m.                    Registration

8 a.m.                          Welcome

8:10 – 9:10 a.m. For the Love of…Please Not Another Webinar, Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, Vista Cova, LLC

Let’s put it on the table – we know we need to provide virtual learning as a piece of value to members.  We know that presentation/slide webinars where questions are submitted over a chat box and held to the end is the easiest way to do this. 

We also know that many sign up, sign in, and then minimize the screen. Or sign up to get the content later and never come back to it. Or sign up, attend, but because the passive reception of information does not fully engage the learning, find themselves struggling through an hour of content. 

In many places around the web and the world, adults are finding meaningful learning experiences in different formats. Based on an article that has explored over 2 dozen websites that will make you smarter, come for a fast moving journey where we see how many virtual learning formats we can sample so you can go home and have a host of approaches that are better than….another webinar.

9:10 – 9:40 a.m.          TRADESHOW FLOOR

9:40 – 10:40 a.m. Creating a Culture of Innovation: It’s Not as Hard as You Think, Mark Sedgley, President & CEO, MemberClicks

Many organizations are intimidated by the word innovation because they think it’s only for large, well-funded associations. However, we believe that innovation is actually a journey in building deeper culture and inclusion.

In this session you’ll learn a five-step process that anyone can use to create a culture of innovation in your organization, no matter how small. Understand what it truly means to be innovative and learn practical steps for improving communication and processes within your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  1. See how anyone can be an innovator within the association space using proven tips.
  2. Discover communication and leadership tips for keeping innovation alive.

Learn a practical, five-step process to drive innovation in your organization.

10:40 – 11:10 a.m.      TRADESHOW FLOOR        

11:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. How Distraction-free Focus Can Lead to Extraordinary Results, Donna Blayless and Sharon Winter, RightLane

Productivity isn’t about the number of things on your to do list, it’s about getting the most out of what you do, because what you do is important. It matters. ‘Busy’ness is keeping us from business. Distractions are eating up to 30% of our day. Multitasking is the only way we can get our job done, right? Then it starts all over the next day. We are stressed.

What if multitasking is a lie? What if our brain’s design prevents us from doing two thinking tasks at one time? What if the personal technology we have come to depend on is actually slowing us down?

In this interactive presentation, you will learn how our compulsion for connection is causing stress, lowering our IQ and making us less productive. And how distraction-free focus can lead to extraordinary results.

You will leave with a renewed energy, along with methods to manage the constant bombardment of notifications and expectations. You will embrace what technology can do for you while recognizing what it does to you – both professionally and personally. And you just might have some fun along the way.

12:10 – 1:30 p.m.        LUNCH & TRADESHOW FLOOR; Lunch Sponsored by Westin Chattanooga

1:30 p.m.                     TRADESHOW GRAND PRIZES ANNOUNCED


HOTELS: For hotel reservations, below are hotel options and rates:

  • Chattanooga Marriott Downtown, 129.00 USD  per night. Click here for reservations. Must book by 11/5 to secure rate.
  • The Read House, 119.00 USD per night. Click here for reservations. Group code is TSAE18.
  • The Chattanoogan, $99 until Nov. 15 for directors/planners. $129 for suppliers. After November, $129 for all rooms.
  • Westin Chattanooga, $149 supplier rate and $99 planner/director rate



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